The Whopper Strategies

A manual for producing the fertile ground necessary for Whopper cultivation. Excerpts from "The Whopper Strategies"

To Future Division Employees:

The principal aim of this work is to help produce the fertile ground necessary for Whopper cultivation. This will be attempted from multiple angles. The author will discuss basic foundation skills, seeing green and going with it, how to bring the Whopper out of you, and not to sweat the small stuff.

Turn to the table of contents, and follow the entries in italics and you will find an almost entirely nonscientific biography of the author: his life as an Intoslocheck, personal reminisces about Mr. Phipps, and the discovery of some of his more famous Whoppers. Some of these abstracts are taken directly from his journals, and others have been written expressly for this manual.

I hope these pages inspire your Whoppers.


Fifth Wheel

Future Division Supervisor

Phipps Incorporated