The Whopper Strategies

A manual for producing the fertile ground necessary for Whopper cultivation. Excerpts from "The Whopper Strategies"

We worked in shifts. FW had the easiest ones. It was in his contract. He worked mornings and afternoons. I didn’t read my contract. I worked all day. I didn’t mind. It was nice to be around FW. He really knew how to think about the future. He could just tell when I needed to sit up straight or get my mind out of the gutter. It was really liberating. I tried to figure out how he did it, but I didn’t get very far. FW was a real professional.

“Get your mind out of the gutter and sit up straight!” he shouted.

“Okay,” I said.

“It’s only Tuesday!” he said.

He was right. I told him so.

“Then get cracking!”

I took FW’s advice. I got my mind out of the gutter, sat up straight, and really got cracking. I came up with two new slogans: “Do it dirty” and “Trust me”; a poem about FW (He’s great/ He’s great/ He is so very great), and invented, Where the hell is it, or Low-q-tar, as it is now called, which enables television remote controls to be found after they have been lost. The boys down in marketing had a field day. They used the slogans for Midwives & Me (a subsidiary of Phipps Inc), made Low-q-tar a household name with their billboard campaign on 95 South, and posted my poem in the company newsletter. It was a real team effort. FW was proud of all of us. He tried to hide it, but I could tell. It was there. I felt the same way.